Wilmington Beach North Carolina

If your looking for all that Wilmington NC has to offer, this map shows all of the famous beaches you should visit ranging from Carolina Beach, Cape Fear, Bald Head Island,Wrightsville Beach, and Holden Beach

map of wilmington nc

Theres nothing more peaceful than sitting back and watching the sunset over the historic town of Wilmington North Carolina.

wilmington beach sunsets

university of north carolina at wilmington girls volleyball
Not only does Wilmington offer scenic beaches, but theres also scenic college girls to check out. For example check out the lovelies on the UNCW Girls VolleyBall team infront of the Pratt Student Center.

A nice picture from a plane flying over the island of Wilmington NC.

arial overhead view of wilmington nc

Wilmington NC Draw Bridge
One of my favorite sites of driving down to Wilmington NC to visit the beaches is the drawbridge. Growing up and traveling down with my family seeing the Wilmington drawbridge always let me know we were almost there!

Wrightsville Beach
You'lld have to get up pretty early in the morning to ever find historic Wrightsville Beach, NC this empty.

Bodie Island Lighthouse
This shot was taken with a remote controlled camera suspended from a kite line of the Bodie Island Lighthouse facing East to the Atlantic Ocean (near Wilmington NC) over the beach. Nature preserve surrounds this Outer Banks treasure. The lighthouse is 156' tall and there are 214 stairs to the top. Each stripe is 22 feet.

Visit the historic USS North Carolina as you enter into the famous Wilmington Beach at NC.

USS North Carolina


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