Wilmington Beach North Carolina

Holden Beach, North Carolina is an island that is neatly tucked away in the southern most part of Brunswick County. Holden Beach is one of five islands that make up the North Carolina Brunswick Islands and is located only 35 minutes south of Wilmington, NC and 30 minutes north of Myrtle Beach, SC. Refreshing clean, white sandy beaches and year round mild temps. These ideal conditions make it a vacationers hot spot and finding Holden Beach vacation rentals can sometimes be a challenge. Here are a few tips that can help you find that perfect vacation rental in Holden Beach, NC.

1. Book your Holden Beach rental early in the season, the sooner you can make plans the more choices of beach cottages you will have.
2. Oceanfront rentals in Holden Beach are nice but sometimes deals can be had if you are willing to accept a semi-oceanfront home in Holden Beach. Semi-oceanfront usually means the 2nd row of houses with ocean views. These homes offer great beach rental value as compared to the oceanfront rental counterparts and sometimes have more availability as well.
3. Be flexible with your dates. If you are set to one week your rental selection may be limited, but if you have 3 weeks in mind you can sometimes find the same house for cheaper.


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